Harvesting Service

What is private native forestry?
It is a sustainably managed native vegetation on privately owned land to obtain forest products.

What is a PVP?
A PVP is a simple approval process which provides landowners with security for 15 years. This allows them to plan and invest in their native forest.

Why forest operation is important to forest health?
If you are not actively managing your forest then the forest isn’t growing to its full potential. If managed properly through thinning, the forest won’t naturally die off. By taking out the underprivileged trees you are doing what nature does only you are doing it early enough that it lets in vital light, space and nutrients that trees need to grow fast and healthy.

How do Patten Timbers determine which tress to take?
We base our decision on tree health, stages of tree growth, the tree size and spacing. We also maintain feed trees (hollow bearing or nest trees) and at least 12m2 of trees per hectare.

Why choose Patten Timbers?
Patten Timbers offers competitive rates, we have the right machinery to efficiently harvest and promote forest health by using directional falling techniques to minimise damage to retained trees.
Brenton the owner is active in all aspects of the business and has trained trustworthy employees to ensure that operations are transparent and safe. He also regularly checks on each operation of the job to ensure that it is being completed to his high standards and that of the property owners.

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